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His word is Om.

—Yogasutra 1.27

Begin your Odyssey to Om, where it all began – India.
All encompassing – Yoga,Culture, History and Nature – Trips.

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Yoga Adventure Tour

Connect with the spiritual side of India and discover your

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Allen Walls

Yoga Adventure Tour

I was lucky enough to go on their first yoga retreat to India, and it was a life-changing experience! We went to the heart of yoga (Mysore) and took classes and studied every day with some of the best yogi masters in the world. The knowledge that I learned and that was pasted on to me changed the way I think about and practice yoga. The guides who took us on the journey were all so kind and helpful in so many ways, I will never forget them. I highly recommend this trip on so many different levels, not only for the yoga but also to experience this beautiful country, the friendly people and of course the amazing food!