While in India, how do I ensure that I am respectful to the culture and people?

Hospitality in India is warm. People would love to help you in many ways they can, be it directions, making way for you to enter religious establishments, or simply welcome you with a smile. Most of the places are quite crowded and you get things done slow; you will have to accept that in India. Common Indian Customs:

  • Remove shoes when entering religious buildings or someone’s home, unless otherwise instructed
  • Offer food/drink/etc. with your right hand (unless you are eating, then you can use your left)
  • Eating with your right hand is common, though silverware is widely available
  • Hand washing before and after dinner (sometimes there is a sink outside the restroom for this purpose)
  • Generally, public displays of affection (PDA) between men and women is frowned upon

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