Contact the government where you are a citizen as every country is a bit different. For US Citizens, you can get information about passports here:

Visit the website of The USA Passport Office.

Simply put, a visa is a stamp placed inside your passport giving you permission to enter the country.
The easiest visa to obtain and apply for is a TOURIST VISA. To check another box on your visa application is to cause more headaches than you need!
If you never plan to return to India after this retreat, a one month visa is probably enough. If you think there is any chance you will return, choose a five or ten year visa. It is well worth the extra money now; so you can avoid the expense and hassle later.
Generally tourist visas cost between $70 and $160 for US residents.  For more information visit –

Getting an Indian visa can make standing in line at the DMV look like a foot rub! Thus, many people pay a service to help them and for many people it is well worth the money. If you don’t mind the hassle, you can always do it yourself for about half the price, but be prepared, you will want to scream! Generally these services will help you gather your paperwork, fill out the application and then bring your passport to the consulate to be stamped for you. Here are a few authorized agencies.

Find the details of the required documents and information to apply for an Indian Visa.

Make sure you have all your paperwork; or else, your application will be rejected. This includes, but may not be limited to a passport, photo and proof of address.

You can also apply for a visa online –

Usually a week or two unless you pay extra for an emergency visa.

On the application they ask for a local Indian address. Really any hotel will do, but you can use the address of our travel agent as well.

If you are traveling with OmOdyssey, the address will be in your booking documentation.

If you are a minor or plan to bring a child, there are few additional steps that you will want to be aware of. Documents such as parental authorization for minors, copy of each parent’s bank statement, copy of minor’s birth certificate, copy of both parents signed passports and more. Find more information at