Top 10 things to do in Bangalore, India

1. Yoga: There are many Yoga Studios in Bangalore. Most of them are in Jayanagar and Indiranagar; two of the upscale localities in Bangalore. Neatly furnished, these Yoga Studios are quite active and have many students perfecting their practice; learning and experimenting with Yoga. Teachers aka “Yogis” are masters in the art of Yoga; being calm, relaxed and knowledgeable. Not to worry, most teachers speak beautiful, natural English.

2. Cultural Walks: Bangalore, being an old city with reminiscence of British ruling, has a lot of stories on the buildings, parks and monuments. Some of the top cultural walks are Lal Bhag walk, Oota walks and McGrath road walks. Lalbagh walk is perfect for traveler with a keen interest in history and plants, tory of the park, age of trees and every detail about life in and around Lalbhag. The Lalbhag walk ends in a delicious, typical Kannada lunch at MTR, an age old, very traditional hotel chain. Oota Walks are a beautiful mix of food, culture and history where travellers are introduced to different local dishes from trusted sources. The beauty is you get to enjoy the local food from someone known and trusted.

3. Wine tasting In Bangalore: There are many Vineyards around Bangalore and wine tasting is offered at most of them. This would be a perfect opportunity to get to know the local culture, nature and taste some great wine if you are wine buff. Nandi Hills and Kavery valleys are some of the world-class wine producing areas near Bangalore.

4. Ayurvedic Treatments and Massages: Being a financial hub of South India, Bangalore has a lot Spas and Ayurvedic massage centres that can relax your body and mind in a short time. If you don’t prefer and ayurvedic, oil massage, there are plenty of normal spas that will help relax and pamper your body.

5. Parks: Known as the Garden city of India, Bangalore has many parks around the city. Cubbon Park and Lalbhag are some of the major parks adjacent to Vidhana Soudha, the legistlative assembly of the state of Karnataka. For those who prefer to do Yoga outside, these parks can be a great choice.

6. Shopping: Bangalore has many shopping malls that sells both Indian and western products across a range of categories. Even though there are street vendors, there is no guarantee on the pricing and quality of the materials. However, there are specific areas where you can actually find great Indian clothing cheap. Chickpet is one of those areas where quality Silk Sarees, women’s clothing at low prices, they are primarily meant for wholesalers. Commercial Street is another choice for shoppers.

7. Nightlife: Bangalore is easy on night life when compared to other cities in India, thanks to the booming IT industry which attracts a lot of youth to the city. You can find pubs and bars across the city, however MG road, Indiranagar and Koramangala areas have large number of pubs and quality bars. Bangalore has come a long way from the rest of Indian cities in terms of quality, innovation and customer service at pubs and bars. There are a few beer breweries as well, where you get to see the making and get beer made right there.

8. Temples: You will find a lot of temples in and around the city. Just a walk a couple of hundred meters from where you stay, you are likely to find a temple, a church or a mosque. There are many historically important religious buildings in Banaglore. This friendly city is also home to many new age spiritual movements such as “Art of life”, Ishkon temple and a lot of famous Gurus have their Ashrams in Bangalore.

9. Expect traffic: If you are out in the city during peak hours, you can expect a lot of traffic and you may not get to your destination just in time, planning your travel accordingly may help you enjoy the traffic rather than worrying about it.

10. Eateries: Bangalore has all sorts of eateries, Indian, American, Chinese, Italian and many more, an online search and reviews can help you find the one of your type. Many multinationals such as KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks and more are found easily across the city.

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